Date: 30 August 2018 / 09.00 am - 10.00 pm

Venue: The Republic of Singapore


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Open up Singapore – one of the Asian Tigers, the country which is world-famous for high tech industrialized, educational and healthcare innovative developments. The Republic of Singapore is one of the most competitive global economies located in the Southeast Asia, having become a global third-largest financial market, oil refining and trading centre and a tax haven. Singapore is the prestigious meeting point of leading regional private sector players from all over the world.

Summit of Leaders business mission to Singapore will include expert visiting to the biggest in Asia healthcare expo, working panels, case studies and networking with lead home and foreign business players, intro to the most innovative educational institutions. Also the agenda will include most in demand master-classes from Academic Union Oxford Expert Centre speakers on modern financial strategies, educational and healthcare management subjects.


For Business

- Business Working session and Q&A panel 

- B2B networking and round tables with local corporate players 

- Master-class on ‘Modern Financial Techniques or How to bring the profit to your company'


For Educational Administrators

- Expert visit to the local business college

- Overview of educational management programmes in the region and global University exchange projects

- Master-class on ‘Education Administration & Leadership in Higher Education’


For Healthcare Management and Medical Travel Directors

- Special Session of the ‘Best Medical Practice’ Project 

- Attendance of the Medical Fair 2018 (the biggest in Asia platform where healthcare becomes technologically innovative)

- Expert visit to the lead clinic in Singapore


Who should attend? 

- Leading regional private and public sector companies 

- Financial groups (commercial banks, business angels, investors supporting international projects)

- Investment promotion professionals

- Healthcare professionals

- Medical travel facilitators

- Educational management specialists


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