Date: 17 April 2018 / 10.00 am - 10.00 pm

Venue: Home to the Institute of Directors, London, UK


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The Summit is a unique platform for international business and professional communication, sharing of best practices in managing companies, promoting goods and services, and the opportunity for a comprehensive improvement of business processes.

Dynamic summit programme includes 2 contemporary expert platforms, presentation of the International Leaders Club and accepting of new members, master classes from key British and world experts, case studies of successful companies, presentation of the Oxford Business Expert Centre executive development program, 3 platforms for informal communication with summit participants from more than 50 countries worldwide in Elite Club Breakfast format, Networking business lunch and final cocktail, interactive exhibition and investment platform representing promising regional companies, their investment and innovative projects.

Summit official media: 'The Socrates Almanac', 'The Leaders Times', Summit official bulletin.

Summit strategic topics

 - “Opportunities for expanding markets and efficient business connections for leading companies from promising countries. Effective strategies for international business development and entering new markets.”

 - “Attracting investment, positioning for brands looking for investment. How to create an attractive business project for a foreign investor. Ways of searching for investors and ways to promote investment projects.”

 - “How to achieve City Excellence. City strategy, collaboration, innovation, talent attraction and place branding, innovation, city management, branding and development of the city as key competitive advantages. Private sector access to tenders and infrastructure projects.”

- “Modern financial technologies. Financial management. Financial leverage to increase profits.”

 - “How to be a successful business leader. Instruments and styles of leadership. The role of the leader in the success of the company. Creating Innovative Leadership. Creating an Innovative Environment and Culture.” 



9.30-10.00         Summit of Leaders Elite Club Breakfast 

Enjoy a coffee and patisserie selection, and have your first network conversations in our designated Summit Breakfast Club with experts, speakers and business icons 

10.00-10.30       Official opening

Welcome speeches of the organizing committee, honorary guests and partners of the Summit. 

10.30-12.00       Expert Platform “New opportunities and strategies for developing economies” 

Plenary discussion: “Effective strategies for business development and entering new markets”   

Case Study: “Investment: investors’ expectations and ways of influencing decisions on investing”

by Dr Rui Verde , Head of the Law and Economics Department, AU Oxford, PhD Law. 

London BPP University, UK. An efficient legal adviser, chief consultant (political, economic and legal risks concerning investments and activities in South America, Southwest Europe, and Africa), visiting lecturer of International Finance.  

12.00-12.30        Noon networking tea 

12.30-14.30        Expert Platform “Successful TOP manager: challenges and opportunities” 

Case Study: “Self-Branding of a Modern Corporate Leader”

by Prof. John W.A. Netting, internationally acclaimed expert with a high level of professional experience, having worked closely with Rolls Royce, IBM and ICL. Joint Managing Partner, International Strategic Management (ISM). CEO of the EBA, Oxford, UK. 

Case Study: “How do I attract investors to my business?”

by Heinz Wehrle, CEO, Prime Business Destinations (UK), Managing Partner of Horwath HTL, Switzerland – Global leading expert in the hospitality and investment sector with 35 years of international experience within the investment management and feasibility sphere (over 16,000 successfully completed investment projects). 

Case Study: “Emotional Intelligence in Leadership”

by Christina Briggs, International Club of Leaders President, Founder of a prestigious group of senior executives called Business Alliance under the auspices of Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce. CEO ‘New World Insight’, UK. 

Case Study: “Strategic Marketing for Senior Executives”

by Prof. Martin Hingley, a front man of an international think tank group with a diverse range of research interests (sustainable value for market, chain and network stakeholders). Chair of Strategic Marketing at University of Lincoln (Lincoln Business School), UK. 

14.00-14.30        Business lunch with Christina Briggs, Global Club of Leaders President 

Networking event will provide environment where leaders can share their experience and concerns and get personal consultations in informal atmosphere 

14.30–17.00        Presentation Platform Achievements – 2018 

The second part of the event is dedicated to discussion of how to be effective business leader, opportunities, innovations, new projects and challenges for effective company in the modern community. 

Key points:

• National business icons: experience, ways to achievements, business tips

• Role of business leaders in sustaining economies

• Focus of successful company

• Efficiency and corporate social responsibility

• Case studies of prosperous regional businesses

The event will culminate with Summit special prize acknowledging excellence, innovation, effective management and best business practices. The prizes will be presented to selected entrepreneurs and their institutions who gained strong position on the regional market, has shown positive development, market expansion as well as the high quality of goods/services and customer satisfaction 

17.00–17.30        Summit summing up

Networking cocktail with Prof. John Netting 

20.00-23.00        Solemn reception on behalf of the Summit organizing committee 



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